Beware of PC Support Scams

What is a PC Support Scam? They come in various forms. You might receive a popup on your computer indicating that you have a problem warning you that you need to call a provided phone number immediately. It may even have a logo you recognize from Microsoft, Norton or some other recognizable company.

Mac HD:Users:mitchell:Desktop:Fake Alert.png

Another Scam comes in the form of a phone call. “Hi I’m calling from Windows support. We have detected your computer is sending out error messages. I would be happy to help you just need to allow me to remotely connect to your computer.”

If you have a pop-up on your computer what should you do? Close the window and immediately shut down your computer.

Be very careful. If you are having pop-up messages, there is a good chance there is malicious software already on your computer. These programs can steal passwords, delete your files or a host of other things. It is important to get your computer cleaned as soon as possible as these programs usually cause the system to run poorly or even crash. Get your computer in the hands of a trusted repair technician to get the infections removed.

Mac HD:Users:mitchell:Desktop:Fake Support.png

What if you have received a phone call? Hang up! End of story. Microsoft never calls you to indicate you have a problem. If you did allow them remote access to your computer they most likely installed remote access software and will be able to continue to access your computer. Again turn it off and get it to a trusted repair technician. In addition if you gave them any credit card information call you credit card company immediately.