About Us

About Dr. Joel Inc.
Dr. Joel began business in Durango in 1997 under the name Computer Connections. Quickly, customers began using the term, “Doctor” Joel, when referring to us, even forgetting the original business name. This led to incorporating under the name Dr. Joel in 2003. What makes us unique? We are are a mobile computer consulting company. While other computer companies have storefronts or offices that you must bring your computer to, Dr. Joel can come to you, eliminating the stress of moving your computer. As computer consultants and not just technicians, we get to know our customers needs and that of their businesses, enabling us to truly help you and your business with its IT needs, in addition to fixing any IT problems you may have. We are known by the cartoon ties that we love to wear to hopefully bring a little lightheartedness to the stress of IT problems. Dr. Joel would like the opportunity to help you reduce your stress with technology.

About Joel
I began working with computers in 1985 while working for a custom cabinet company. Within a short period of time, as all of my friends were slowly getting computers, I found they would call me whenever they were having problems or wanted to upgrade. In 1991 I decided to start doing computer work full time. I moved with my family to Durango in 1993 and it quickly became our home. I worked for a local PC repair shop called Computer Warehouse until 1997 when I decided to open my own business so that I could offer the best quality of service possible to my customers. In 2006 I was joined by my son, AJ, turning Dr. Joel into a family business.

About AJ
People joke that I was born with a keyboard and mouse in my hand. One of my earliest memories is sitting with my dad at the computer playing adventure games with him. I learned how to read and type by using DOS commands to open and play games like Space Quest, King’s Quest, Reader Rabbit, and many other text command games. All of this was by the ripe old age of four. As I grew up, I loved going to work with my dad and learning from him all that I could about computers. He would sometimes bring home discarded computer parts for me, allowing me to mess with my own computer builds. By the age of 12, my dad would trust me to help him on larger projects to speed them up. By 13, he would have me fix problems on customers computers from home for additional allowance. Needless to say, I really did grow up with hands on computer experience. In 2006 at the age of 18, I decided to start working officially for Dr. Joel Inc. with my dad. We enjoy working together because we are both personable and have strong problem solving skills. If we ever have a problem we are struggling to find the solution for, we can always count on the other to find it. Now, things have come full circle for me, and I have two sons who are growing up with keyboard and mouse in hand. My oldest son, though he’s only seven, loves playing computer games with me. I know my youngest son now five won’t be too far behind.